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Dear uneducated people,

I really don’t like it when people or a person calls us “glorified manghihilots”. I can’t wait for them to have CVD, TBI, SCI, MS, GBS, ALS, and amputations. By then will they realize what we can do. Please educate yourselves about different professions. And mind you it is offensive even if you say no offense. We study for 5 years and take the 3rd hardest board exam in the country after CPA and medicine. While you just lounge all day and tinker with your computer. No offense. At least we give people their lives back. What do you do?

This is a repost, but it’s exactly what I have in mind.

Story of my life.

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Sa mapanghusgang mundong ito, wala kang ibang kakampi kundi sarili mo.

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