Goodies from Japan~

Chocolates and pretz! I’m a bit scared to try the Kitkat wasabi flavor :o

Kawaii erasers! 

Bear cellphone chain.

Happy tree friends sweatshirt and blue piggy shirt. 

Mike Wazowski plushie! 

Thank you boyfriend 

Last week, we came across this pet day camp, something like that. I’m not really sure because I got so excited over these cute little guinea pigs. At first I was like, they’re still rats after all but when I saw them up close, omg they’re like the cutest thing ever. We’re allowed to take a pictures of them and even to touch them! Sorry I got a bit carried away ~_~. They make good pets I think but we already have 5 dogs, love birds and fishes at home, so maybe next time. :\

On a different note, I miss my boyflea. He and his family went to Japan last week but they’re coming home this coming thursday. It’s a good thing we have thesis, i have something to keep me busy. Still, I miss him. hehe.

First Year Anniversary. ♥

We spent our first anniversary in MOA. We expected traffic since it’s labor day but thankfully, we didn’t encounter any. Thank God!

First we had lunch at Max’s. We ordered their classic chicken recipe, chicken sisig and clubhouse. 

Watched the avengers.

(notice how he is such a bad photographer and how awkward he smiles XD)

YUM YUM DONUTS from krispy kreme~ new york cheese, kitkat and original glaze.

the new cookie crumble frappe and “twinkle” (because it looks like my dog) haha. random.

Dinner at Fish and Co.

One down, forever to go. ♥ I love you bebe!

Korean Ice Cream!

Every now and then we often visit this korean store near our school to buy ice cream! The ice creams there are so much better than MAGNUM and yet on a much reasonable price. They have all sorts of ice creams~ ice cream sandwich, drumsticks and many other more.

Mine is strawberry and vanilla flavored while his icream is chocolate pinipig flavor with chocolate syrup inside. His pick is much much cheaper, double the price = my strawberry and vanilla ice cream. But I have to say I like his pick is much more delicious ~_~ You won this time, just this time. =))


Monday morning, I met with my groupmates in thesis for a meeting. It was just a short one. We finalized our topic and to be honest, I’m really excited about it, “Spidertech Tape.” Right after, me and Jules had lunch at Mcdonalds. 

You know why, I want their apple pie! I’ve been craving for it for days. Boyflea originally want to go to ATC again and have apple pies at Banapple. But I refuse because we’ve been there twice last week. I give the mcdonald’s apple pie a 7/10. I took out the fillings and just ate the crust. lol.

Last satuday when he and his family went to MOA, he asked me what do I want. I said I want to Chef Tony’s popcorn! He gave me the list of flavors. I said I’m torn between White Choco Parmesan and the Belgian Butter, but choose the belgian butter instead. 

He bought both of them instead. Haha. Which is not so bad at all. 

White Chocolate parmesan is really good! Especially when you happen to get the yellow ones, they’re cheesy good!

Haven’t opened this one yet. I’ll tell you guys if it’s good next time. :)

Doom Shroom and Sun Shroom. We haven’t gotten over plants vs zombies yet. Hihi. He said it symbolizes us. And Of course, I’m the sun shroom. :)) And oh, he also gave dog biscuits for my babies. How thoughtful.

I feel bad because I don’t have anything to give him. Last week I cooked tuna pasta and tacos for him. Next na lang ulit, Jules bawi ako~

ATC for 2 consecutive days! Last date before summer vacation. (photo spam)

Tried Bonchon for the first time. 2 rice for me! He only had one. :))

Watched “The Hunger Games.”

BreadTalk for snacks while watching the movie

Auntie Anne’s pretzel, Serenitea’s Malt milk tea, and Gong Cha’s Earl Grey milk tea for snacks again. :)) Mine’s the bigger one!

We actually had a fight after that day so it didn’t quite ended well. The next day he fetched me at home and asked me to wear a blind fold for the next 30-40 minutes. He took me to ATC again! Haha. He said he wanted this time, to end our day well. 

Lunch at Pepper Lunch.

DQ at Festival Mall. We transferred there to look for a gift for his sister (we failed yesterday :|) and buy treats for our doggies :D

Talk about splurging… for FOOD! We won’t see each other that often since it’s summer vacation. At the end of the day, happy stomach, happy us - it’s all worth it.