Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend never owned a dog. #shihtzu #instalove #instadaily #igersmanila #dogs #pochi

57 days before Christmas :) #shihtzu #dogs #cute #christmas #pink #instadaily #igersmanila

Can’t help but post on all my social networking site account this pic of my cutie patootie pochi. <3 My stress reliever. 

"Pochi" our new puppy. Female. Shih tzu and very very adorable! Almost all our dogs are white that’s why it’s good to have a brown one again. She’s just 2 months old but she can already jump and climb up and down the stairs. Sometimes, she would go all the way up to my room and just wait there for anyone to get here. She loves following me anywhere I go and would often bug me to play with her. She’s just really cute I could die. 

my acutiebabies!