And He left today.

Tonight is my boyfriend and his family’s flight to US. Actually, they’ll passed by two other countries but basically they will stay in the US. Christmas, New Year and our eighth months, we will spent apart. 17 days countdown. I miss him already.

One last.

After all the things that has been said and done, I still found a way in my heart to forgive him. Love really is for fools. Love is blind. Above all, love conceals a multitude of sins. One last chance. I hope it’s worth it. 

Enjoying the Little Things

Pathology, Anatomy 1, Anatomy 3, Neurophysiology, Pharmacology. Crapology. Fuckology. *Insertwordhere*logy. = TOXIC ME. Though, it’s not all that bad. I am starting to enjoy being in the medical field. I love learning new things. To add to that, I love how most physiological facts are somehow interlink to reality about love and life.

My professor in anatomy once said,

"If there is no pericardial fluid, every heart beat would be painful…"

In physiology class, while studying pain physio… Dr. Matias said,

"Pain is good. It tells you when something is wrong. "

It’s been 5 days. 13 more days to go. 

He’s away. Miles and miles away. I miss him. Badly. The book he gave me right before he left isn’t very helpful in keeping me busy. In keeping me from missing him.

Friday the 13th isn’t so bad after all. In fact today seems to be my lucky day. Today I found out that I passed Intro to Anatomy and Physiology Summer Class. Yes! You don’t know how much this means to me. You see, if I failed this, I can’t go to third year next semester and worse, I will be terminated from my course. 

Also, we ( me and him) manage to talked about a lot of things today. Lately, it’s been like a roller coaster ride for us. I’m glad we’re okay now.

So for me, vacation officially starts today! I just hope I will find something good to do this summer. He’s going out of country for more than 2 weeks :( I need to find myself into something good to spend my time with. Diet, Exercise? NO? 

I don’t want to get attached to anyone.

It sucks whenever you miss him and you can’t do anythings about it. You can’t text him because you’re afraid that you might do something to scare him away. He keeps giving you mixed signals so you’re not really sure where to put yourself. You days isn’t complete without seeing him. It just felt like something’s missing. That’s why I don’t want to get attached to anyone. I don’t want my happiness to be dependent on anyone else but myself. I like to believe that I am as strong as people think I am.