Reset button please.

Last valentine’s day, we just greet each other a happy valentine’s. No dates or anything. We we’re just basically, friends. 

Things are more complicated now. We’re already together and we’ve had more downs than ups. I wish we could just reset everything and make a new start. It had never been easy but not like this that it’s almost unbearable. I swear I’d make everything better. 

Why do people only act sincere right after they commited a mistake?

But when few months, days, or hours have passed, they tend to forget the weight of the sin they commited. They took you for granted, act as if nothing happened, and do the same mistake again. I hate how I am so forgiving to people and how quickly I put my trust in them after what they did. 

I just wanna feel the love and forget all the pain.

When so many hurtful things have happened in a relationship, it feels as if there’s no more room for forgiving, forgetting and loving again. This is exactly what I’ve feeling right now. When we are together, I tend to forget all of these things. But whenever I’m alone or during my day dreaming moments, I remember all of the hurtful things he did and said and it would often make me cry. I’m really a happy person. Smiling and laughing all the time, maybe that’s why people won’t notice what I’ve been feeling inside.

Deep down, I just wanna feel love. I want more happy moments with him to forget everything. But at the back of my mind I feel like there’s no more room for it anymore. All I’ve got to do is move on and let everything go. And I wish I had the strength to do it.

The sensitivity issue.

Being overly sensitive is the worst thing ever. You get hurt by the littlest thing. In every argument, you would always lose because your argument is invalid. Even worst, is when people begin to take advantage of this. They know what weapon to use against you to crush your emotions. And it just sucks.

Lasallian Week.

Lasallian week is free time week. hihi. We don’t have classes for 4 days to give way for programs, seminars and all that shiz. Today, we were supposed to have a forum at 8am. But then, they told us that the forum is moved to 1pm. Ugh. They are so confusing! But good thing, I already had my attendance signed by our president so I don’t have to return this afternoon. Me and boyflea decided to go to atc since I’ve been craving for pepper lunch since last december. :)) 

Beef pepper and 1 extra rice for me. We also had kani salad. yum!

Okinawa milk tea (100 % sugar) for me & Hokkaido milk tea (50%sugar) for him.

yummy bread snacks @ breadtalk.

YES. I eat like a man.

Permanent curls?

I’ve been thinking for a long time now of getting permanent curls/waves or whatever you call it. I kind of want something like this:

I’m tired of having my hair rebonded every now and then. I want something new. Do you know any salon that offers this kind of service with a reasonable price? I know Tony and Jackey and David’s salon, but from what I heard, theirs is too pricey. So any suggestion please?