As a physical therapy student, I understand what each muscles do and what would happen if they were damaged. You can only imagine how much pain and suffering Jesus endured on the cross. Jesus, thank you for dying for us that we may have life. I’m sorry if most of the time I took you for granted. 

If you were to ask God one question, what would it be?

A question I often heard, but I only got answer this last night after having a very bad dream.

In my dreams, all of my dogs were about to die. I saw two other dogs, one chow chow and one poodle (if i’m not mistaken). IDK why they where there but I assume they are my dogs too, but along with all my other dogs, they were to about to die too. When I woke up, I cried so hard and went downstairs to check them. They were completely fine. Then I prayed, “After this life, would there be room for dogs in heaven too?”

From what I know, only humans have souls. When you die, it’s either your soul will go to heaven or hell. Animals don’t have souls, I guess. So what happens to them after death? Do they just disappear forever? 


Last Saturday during our devotion in praise and worship team, our devotion leader asks, “If you were to ask God for anything, what would it be?”

Others answered… vacation, wisdom in decision making,a long life…

I answered, SECURITY. Security in every aspect of life.

They look confused so I explained further.

Security that makes you happy with whoever you are and whatever you have. Financial security, not being rich, but having enough money to get through everyday.  And one more thing that I forgot to say which is the most important, Security, that puts away all doubts about my faith in God. 

God Knows.

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you will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who endures till the end will be saved.
Matt. 22 v 10.

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