Looking back.

A while ago, as I was updating my blog for those blog-to-get paid thingy, I remembered this private blog that I created where I can post all those “emo stuffs” so that my readers won’t get annoyed with all these kinds of post, that I post over and over again. 

I was so surprised to see that my last post there was already on February this year. 10 months ago, I was so confused. My tagline even says,”I’ve lost the only love worth fighting for.” Not sure of anything, upset, and basically just not happy with everything in my life.

I never thought that I could ever be this happy. Not everything is perfect, though. But I tend to see the good side in everything. My old optimistic self is back. Thank you, Lord. 

I’d rather cuddle than have sex.

To me there’s more significance in cuddlin’. Getting to hold her tight with feelings rushing. Smiling from the thought of comfort. Sleepin’ in her open arms. Gazing at each other. Feeling nothing but the natural joy of love and happiness of having eachother. Yeah, I’d take that over sex anytime.