Blood Typing.

I just found out today that I’m a Type “O” in Physio Lab Class. I never had any blood typing before.

We weren’t advised that we would be having this kind of activity. If I knew, I would’ve skipped class. Kidding! But I’m freakin’ scared at first. I don’t like hurting myself. lol. I would rather dissect a cadaver than do this,really. 

But I did get over with it thru adrenaline rush. Most of us have an O blood type. The unique ones were the AB and A. One of my classmate ask me what my blood type was, I said O and she was like "Eww, "O" ka. Ako "A"."

I know it was a joke, but hell you are so stupid. Did you know that Type O has neither A or B antigen but our blood serum contains IgM anti-A antibodies and anti-B antibodies against the A and B blood group antigens which means we are the universal donor. We can transfuse blood to any other blood group. Although, we can only be transfuse with type “O” blood, our population is obviously predominant. :)


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