A bit worried about my dogs.

Something wrong with Bolt (the shih tzu). You see, 2 weeks ago I noticed something in Bolt’s left eye. There was a white spot on the his pupil. I doubt it was catarata because Bolt is just 9 months old. Something could have pricked his eyes. :( poor thing. I wish I could see his eyes as bright as this again. I would sometimes cry when I think about it.

That is me with Twinkle, my favorite. This photo was taken today. The vet said that Twinkle is obese and that she needs to lose 2 kilograms. The reason is when she got pregnant at that state, she could die. The truth, I don’t want twinkle to get pregnant. I don’t want to see her having a hard time carrying her baby for months. I just don’t want twinkle to feel that way. I just found out that our maid is only feeding her once a day. How cruel :( I tried to hide foods for her. I also noticed that since yesterday, twinkle is always coughing like she is chocking. She must’ve have taken something she should not because of too much hunger. :’( I feel bad for her. 

I love my dogs very much. I became so attached with them, because for them, I don’t feel so alone at times. I’m praying for them and I hope they do get well soon. 

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