Recollection thingy.

I’m not so hyped about it even though it means that we won’t have classes for 2 days. I’m not used not being with my college best friend as my roommate because we’re not classmates anymore. I probably would just listen and try not to fall asleep during sessions. Actually, I’m not a Catholic. But I’m not one of those self righteous christians. I believe that religion can’t send anyone to heaven, but true faith and acceptance of Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior will. But I don’t really join in some practices like confessions, I’ll probably just sleep early like what I did last year. 

I’m just looking forward for the yummy meals that we will be having there. At least my boyfriend is with me. I just hope I will not wake up late at night because of homesickness. 

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  1. stopstalkingmeromeo said: We’re not required to join the confessionals, pinatulog na lang kami agad. :] Pero yung booklet naman is fun kahit papano. Sa Angel’s hills kayo kakaen masarap kahit papano, kung iba, lol alam mo na.
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