It’s been a week since he went home from his trip to US. I haven’t got time to blog about it since I’ve been a nerd all week. o_o We were so excited to see each other that on the first day of classes this year, we met at 6am although our first class will start at 8am. We exchanged gifts. Hihihi. I hope he liked my gifts. I gave him a mushroom stuff toy from plants vs zombies and a tee.

So here are the things he gave me.

(from top left) Lakers souvenir shirt (he got from staples center after watching the lakers vs. bulls game) Gray Forever 21 top. Top/Dress with printed hearts (he knew i’m a big fan of Forever 21),a watch and chocolates (actually, he gave me 2 canes with chocolates and 2 polar bear chocolates…me and my little sister already ate them XD)

And oh, he also gave me a cute dolphin keychain he got from a stop over in Hawaii and uhmm. idk what to call it. A small bow with my name stitched on it from a sidewalk vendor in Mexico. 

As you can see, my gifts were nothing compare to his! Haha. But I hope he like them. I need to have lots of money $$$ so I can buy him stuffs as well. Ugggghhh. 

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