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I figure out it’s essential to do my Christmas wishlist this year. Although, there’s a 99% chance I won’t get any of these. Haha. Oh well. 3 things that I wish to get. 

1. Nike Neon Pink Running Shoes

I totally regretted not asking my mom for these when we went christmas shopping. At that time, I really didn’t want any foot wear so I just asked her to buy me that oxford shoes. Big mistake! Now, I can’t ask her to buy me this :( Poor soul. I need this shoes because I jog and play volleyball a lot lately and also for the upcoming internship in just a few months. Huhu. I guess I have to save money on my own. 

2. Pink Laptop

It doesn’t necessarily need to be Vaio or Apple, I just need a new laptop :)) I never owned a laptop because I thought I didn’t really need one. But because internship (again) is coming soon, we’re rushing with our thesis and I had more time to kill at school, I think it’s time to own one. But mom said I can use my sister’s laptop since she only use it on weekends. I think I can work with that for now.

3. Iphone 4S or any older versions. 

I don’t care if it’s the oldest version. I just need/want an Iphone. lol. For what? For all the apps especially instagram. =)) But honestly, I just want one so I can take pictures (of myself and food) all day. 

But why are they all pink? IDK too.

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