As a physical therapy student, I understand what each muscles do and what would happen if they were damaged. You can only imagine how much pain and suffering Jesus endured on the cross. Jesus, thank you for dying for us that we may have life. I’m sorry if most of the time I took you for granted. 

made some sushi. who wants some? :) #foodporn

Candidate for Regular Internship and Graduation!

It’s all by God’s. grace. I didn’t expect this at all. Or maybe I did a little, but only at the back of my head :) Almost half of us were delayed which is really sad. But I hope and pray that they will not give up and they would keep fighting. Lord, I couldn’t have done this without you. All the glory goes to YOU.

I am ashamed of what you`ve become.

oh my gee. this is exactly what i’ve been looking for! where to buy? 

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