My name is Aika. 18. Sophomore taking up BS Physical Therapy at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. Christian. I’m a really awkward person. I hate it but then I cannot do anything about it. Though I can say that I’m friendly too. Honest, sometimes sarcastic. I like to smile a lot even when nobody’s talking to me. I guess that makes me even more awkward.

I like watching horror movies, reality shows, koreanovelas and anime love stories. I love dressing up. I’m pretty lame because I don’t have any special talent.

When I really want something, I really work hard to achieve it. I’m scared of failing. I hate it when people I’m not even close with try to insult me. I know who my real friends are. I’m pretty emotional. I cry over stupid things. But basically, I’m a happy person. Optimistic. I love hanging out with my family & friends. 

If you are curious of anything about me or my blog. Feel free to ask